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    Welcome to the SasuNaru ArtCommissions Gallery!Here, you'll discover Jasu's collection of commissioned artworks and comics.You too can have a piece created by her! Simply get in touch with the artistto initiate a conversation about the type of commission you're interested in.




    Wondering about the commission process? It's as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Initial Discussion: Begin with a discussion with the artist to outline the details of your commission. If needed, she can provide you with a preliminary sketch.

    2. Confirming Details and Price: Once the primary details are settled, you'll receive a final pricing quote for the artwork. For commissions under 200 euros, the full amount is due upfront. If the price surpasses 200 euros, you have the option to pay half upfront and the remaining balance upon completion.

    3. Reservation and Progress: After the required pre-payment is made, a slot for your commission will be reserved in the artist's schedule. Throughout the creation process, Jasu will keep you updated on the progress and might even share work-in-progress images to ensure the artwork aligns with your vision.

    4. Completion and Delivery: Upon completing the artwork and receiving the full payment, Jasu will either ship the original piece (for traditional art) or provide you with a high-resolution file (for digital art).

    If you're ready to bring your artistic ideas to life, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to creating something wonderful together!

    important information about commissioning

    You're not allowed to reproduce the commissioned artwork(s) in any shape or form for financial gain.

    If the commissioned artwork is in digital form, you have the right to print it out for your own personal use only.

    Notice that there is NO chance for refund for the commission payments. Got questions? Don't hesitate to contact the artist! -> [email protected]