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With more than 1000 pieces of artwork, the collection comprises full comic books (including both long and short stories) as well as hundreds of standalone pieces.


Behind the Disguise

Sasuke Uchiha, a new student in the class. Naruto wants to show his smug classmate that he is not a person that the newcomer should take lightly. After continuous failed attempts on trying to beat Sasuke in about everything,  Learn more ...


My Neighbor Naruto

Moving into his new apartment, Sasuke finds out he has a very noisy and annoying neighbor. At first, he is determined to keep the troublesome young man out of his life but soon begins to understand...  Learn more...



It was a stupid mistake; instead of getting the private room he’d been promised, Sasuke finds himself sharing a room with another student. What he doesn’t know yet is that this little mistake is about to change his life forever. Learn more...


Step by Step

Sequel to “The Beginning”.

Sasuke finds himself in an inner battle over his relationship with Naruto and his older brother’s approval of it. In addition to this, he is not happy with the way his...  Learn more...


Welcome To SasuNaru Art Commissions Gallery

Here you find Jasu's commissioned artworks and comics. You too can commission her! Just drop an email at [email protected] and let's talk about the kind of commission you're looking for!
How does the commission process go?

1. You have a discussion with the artist to determine what your commission is all about. She will create a simple sketch for you if necessary.

2. When the main details have been agreed on, you're told the final price of the artwork. If the final price is below 200 euros, the full price of the commission needs to be paid in advance. If the price is 200 euros or more, you have an option to choose to pay half of the final price in advance, and the remaining half once the artwork is fully finished.  Learn more...